Adrian Wilson-Smith counselling & psychotherapy

About me

Before training to be a counsellor, I spent 30 years in corporate change. This career of observing the human condition fuelled my interest in people and how the mind works, why we do the things we do and how our internal world manifests itself in our behaviour. I am therefore particularly aligned with people who work in pressurised environments. I was drawn to counselling by experiencing the transformation it brought to my life when I was in crisis. I continue though my desire to engage in meaningful work and by my inquisitiveness and love of people. Being able to step back in order to see the ‘bigger picture’ helps me identify people’s key relationships and understand their complexities.

I have a particular interest in how addiction, alcoholism, Parental Alienation and other factors create havoc in our relationships  I feel attuned to the sensitivities of broken hearts and broken families and the desire to heal the hurt that often is overwhelming. I have though worked with clients bringing a variety of issues and problems.


I have been in personal therapy myself which enables me to understand what it is like to work as a client. With this experience I also bring insight and gentle challenge when I feel it is beneficial to the therapy.

Life is not easy. Sometimes we can feel unprepared and unsure how to deal with what life throws our way. Working together, we will make sense of what you need to do to get through these difficult times. I provide a non-judgemental and supportive place for you to safely talk and be listened to.

I bring curiosity and dedication to the process of therapy and try to be as open-minded and sensitive as possible. I do not give advice or offer solutions. I aim to provide you with the space you need to express yourself, to make discoveries about who you are and to uncover new options which will allow you to grow.

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