Adrian Wilson-Smith counselling & psychotherapy

Frequently asked questions and myths about counselling

It is quite normal to have some questions about counselling and what it entails. Below are a few of the more common questions I have been asked when new clients are considering a course of therapy. You may have others, which you are welcome to ask at our first consultation.Click here to view Myths about counselling and therapy.

My GP has prescribed anti-depressant medication. Do you expect me to stop taking this whilst I am in counselling?

No. Any decision about your medication should be made in consultation with your GP.

Can counselling really help?

Yes. Clients are often surprised by how beneficial they find talking to a qualified therapist. For various reasons, many people feel it is not possible (or appropriate) to share their problems with friends or family. This often leaves a person feeling lonely and isolated with their thoughts and feelings. Sharing with, and being listened to by a non-judgmental skilled counsellor can be a liberating experience.

What am I supposed to talk about?

Whatever is on your mind, worrying you or impacting your life. Counselling will afford you the time and space to think about and share anything you wish.

What if I feel it isn’t working?

I recommend that we have at least six sessions together in order that you have enough time to describe yourself and your issues adequately. This should also give you an opportunity to understand how I work, and if it feels right for you.  However, you are under no obligation to continue, and are free to stop at any point. If you decide to leave, it may be possible for me to refer you to another therapist.

What’s the difference between short-term counselling and long-term psychotherapy?

Short-term counselling usually lasts between 6-12 sessions and tends to focus on a particular issue. Long-term therapy is open ended and often involves a more in depth exploration of your earlier experiences, their impact upon you then, and how they affect your life now.  The length of your sessions can be discussed at our initial meeting.